How To: Cook pizza on a gas BBQ

Cook pizza on a gas BBQ

Watch this instructional video to learn how to cook pizza on a gas BBQ. All you need is any standard bread mix, garlic, tomato sauce, toppings, and three empty tomato cans.

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The basics of this video are sound. The most important omission is the rest time for the pizza coming off the grill.

When this pizza is cut you will see the toppings getting pushed around and when a slice is pulled a significant amount of pizza is left behind. Let your pizza sit for a 5 to 10 minutes (as long as you can stand) and then cut. You will have much better results.

A note on pans. The pan shown appears to have worked well, but for a really crisp dough with a good texture you should look for pans with holes. Expanded metal racks work well. As do pizza pans designed for outdoor cooking.

Finally, a variation on this method can be achieved with consistently exceptional results using a product called ZaGrill. It includes a reflector with legs to support a nonstick pan. It can provide the same indirect heating method shown here in a much smaller grill area and no risk of mother-in-law recycling.

I have cooked pizza directly on the grill, using the ZaGrill as well as using a pizza stone in the grill. I find the best pizzas are those that use toppings that are first grilled, for example BBQ chicken pizza or a vegetable pizza with grilled zucchini or eggplant. Using alternative sauces, like pesto with shrimp and tomato as toppings is also popular.

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