HowTo: Make Pizza For 38¢ a Pop

Make Pizza For 38¢ a Pop

CentsToShare, we salute you. The frugal living blog is seriously dedicated to living on the cheap. Below, their equation (boiled down to the last red cent) for making simple personal pizzas for a mere 38¢ a serving (4 slices).

  • First, start with a large batch of ingredients to make approximately 17 personal pizzas:

Onion – $0.50 at about $.69 cents/lb
Tomato Sauce – $1.00 for a 26 oz can (watch for those sales!)
Mushrooms – $1.49 for 16oz package (fresh)
Dinner Rolls – $1.19 (again watch for sales on generic items)
Pepperoni – $0.99 (clearance!)
Cheese – $1.50 for 8oz package

Total Cost of Batch Ingredients – $6.67 (plus tax)

  • Next, break into serving sizes and divide cost by each personal pizza:

Onion – $0.01
Sauce – $0.02
Pepperoni – $0.03
Dinner Roll – $0.10
Cheese – $0.19
Mushrooms – $0.03

Total Cost Per Pizza = $0.38

And there ya go. Take some time off work. Maybe even a year. After all, a year's worth of dinners would cost you only $138.70 (if you don't mind eating dinner roll pizzas every night).

Click through for instructions.

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