News: How to Cut Pizza Rolls the Right Way

How to Cut Pizza Rolls the Right Way

In this video, I show you the better way to cut pizza rolls.

My son Eston and I love pizza rolls. I always cut them up for him so they cool off faster, also so they're smaller bites. I was always annoyed with how much stuff fell out of the pizza rolls when I cut them. So I figured out a better way…using a scissors!

Cutting pizza rolls with a scissors rather than a fork has 3 benefits:

  1. It's faster!
  2. It's cleaner!
  3. You get more pizza in your pizza rolls!

Follow these easy steps to make sure you are cutting your Pizza Rolls correctly:

Step 1: Cook Pizza Rolls – I find that the Presto Pizzazz Pizza maker does the best job in the least amount of time. It takes exactly 12 minutes for the pizza rolls to be fully cooked to perfection on this thing, no preheating required!

Step 2: Get a plate and a pair of Poultry scissors (your parents/spouse will not appreciate you using the scissors that are for cutting coupons / paper)

Step 3: Hold pizza roll sideways.

Important – the pizza rolls will be hot, as they just got cooked, so hold it by a corner. It's important to hold the pizza roll sideways for cutting, less chance of hit pizza sauce spraying out the side onto you.

Step 4: Cut the pizza roll right down the middle.

Step 5: Enjoy your pizza rolls with all the goodness still inside!

For those of you that don't cut your pizza rolls, it's good to hold a pizza roll sideways when taking a bite with your teeth. This is for the same reason as when we're cutting them, less chance for stuff to leak out. It burns if you bite it the wrong way and the stuffing gets on your face!

That's it! You're welcome!

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