How To: Make kosher matzah pizza for Passover

Make kosher matzah pizza for Passover

So it's Passover right now, and being a Jew in Hawaii is tough! Matzo is hard to find!

This quick and easy Passover pizza is a great snack or lunch. Since it's made in the microwave, it's also a great recipe for kids to make alone or for college students to make in a dorm room.

Passover Pizza Ingredients

* Paper towel (1 sheet)
* Matzo (1 piece)
* Homemade or Jarred Pizza or Tomato Sauce (approx 1/4 c)
* Mozzarella or Pizza Cheese (approx 1/4 c)


1. Place matzo on paper towel.
2. Spread tomato sauce evenly on matzo.
3. Spread cheese evenly on tomato sauce.
4. Microwave until cheese is melted, approximately 30 seconds on high setting.

Thank you to Goldie and Christa in Hawaii for making this video.

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